Women’s Best Toner Review – With Customer Comments

Womens Best TonerWomens Best Toner is a vegetarian-friendly food supplement produced by Women’s Best. The company also distributes a number of other health and fitness supplements and they all share one thing in common—they are designed for women.

Women’s Best appears to be a reputable company. All their supplements comply to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and customer support is available via email or online chat.

However, although women who supplement with Toner may find they burn fat faster, it is not intended to be a weight loss aid. The pills are designed to help users to train harder and tone-up their bodies.

The advertised benefits are:

  • Enhanced workout
  • Boosted mental and physical performance
  • Lean and toned muscle growth

If the product can successfully enhance training abilities the extra effort put into workouts will cause an increased need for calories. If the body runs short of calories it will begin burning fat so, although it should never be considered a diet pill, Toner could boost the fat burning abilities of anyone who maintains a strict training schedule and eats a healthy diet.

Womens Best Toner Ingredients

A four-capsule dose of Women’s Best Toner contains:

  • Creatine (2288mg)
  • Vitamin D3 (10ug)
  • Vitamin B3 (32mg)
  • Vitamin B5 (12mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (5ug)
  • Vitamin B6 (2.8mg)
  • Vitamin B1 (2.2mg)
  • Biotin (200 ug)

Creatine is the power ingredient. The body converts it to creatine phosphate and stores it in the muscles to provide extra energy. The body can manufacture its own supply of creatine, and it is also found in red salmon, beef, and certain other foods. However, scientific evidence shows the use of supplements that provide an extra dose of creatine can help people to train harder and achieve “significantly greater gains in strength”. Here’s the “but”: a dose of 2000-3000mg per day is usually considered only sufficient for the creatine “maintenance” phase. The correct way to use creatine is to begin by pre-loading with a higher dose for a week or more. This ensures the muscles are flooded with the maximum amount of creatine. Toner users will receive just 2288mg of creatine right from the start and it is possible this may not be enough.

The formulation also contains some Vitamin D3 and several forms of Vitamin B. Some evidence suggests supplementation with Vitamin D may help weight loss, but only when people are already suffering from a deficiency. B Vitamins aid the metabolism, and this could could also support weight loss, but it is important to remember Toner is primarily a sports supplement and will not offer dieters the same level of support as that provided by a quality diet pill.

How to Use Women’s Best Toner

Capsules should always be taken with plenty of water and only one (4 capsule) dose is required each day. This should be taken every morning.

Womens Best Toner Customer Testimonials

A few average customer comments published on the manufacturer’s site read:

“I was skeptical at first, but toner works. My muscles are a lot firmer and I have to admit I’m looking pretty good.”
“This is an excellent supplement. I’ve been taking the pills for 2 weeks and they make me feel so energized I can put in more effort at the gym.”
“Wow! What good pills! I never dreamed I could workout as hard as I am doing at the moment and I’m shaping up nicely.”
“My muscles are more toned and I’ve ditched a lot of fat. My diet and exercise routine has not changed. All I am doing differently is taking four toner capsules with my breakfast.”

Womens Best Toner Side Effects

Most women should be able to use the product without experiencing any negative issues, but Toner is unlikely to be suitable for ladies who are pregnant or nursing a child. Anyone who has existing health issues, or is using medication, should ask their doctor’s advice before using Toner or any other brand of supplement.

Where to Buy Women’s Best Toner

A bottle of Women’s Best Toner contains a 30-day supply of pills and has a price tag of around $35 (£27). It is only available via the manufacturer’s website and products are shipped worldwide.


Customers are not provided with a money back guarantee.

The Verdict

As a diet pill, Women’s Best Toner leaves a lot to be desired, but the product is not designed to function in this way. It’s a training-enhancing supplement. Women who train hard and eat right may find Toner helps boost their existing efforts. This may lead to larger, more toned muscles. It’s conceivable extra body fat will be burned as well, but this a secondary benefit. It’s not the product’s primary goal. In theory, the pills are likely be fit or purpose, but the lack of a pre-loading stage could mean Toner does not work as well as it should.

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