Best Appetite Suppressants In The UK

tablets for suppressing appetiteContrary to popular belief, prescription appetite suppressants, like Phentermine, do not offer dieters the best chance of success.

They obviously offer some level of support, if they didn’t doctors wouldn’t prescribe them, but all the options available are known to present the risk of nasty side effects. M

any supplement manufacturers have responded to this by developing capsules and tablets that offer dieters a safer alternative. It’s not a perfect world, so not all of them live up the manufacturer’s expectations and much of the marketing spiel can be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, there are a few options that are so good at curbing hunger urges and boosting weight loss, the results provided are far more notable than those dieters would normally obtain by using prescription appetite suppressants.

Three of the products on our list of top 5 appetite suppressants were developed to be Phentermine substitutes. The other two were not created with this in mind, but their ability to stop hunger is so good it would be criminal not to add them to our list.

Top 5 Appetite Suppressants

PhenQ – Appetite Suppressant (and fat burner/fat blocker)

PhenQ bottleA world leader in weight loss, PhenQ is a diet pill marketed by Wolfson Berg.

Although it’s designed to suppress the appetite, and customers say it does this incredibly well, the ability to curb hunger is only one of several benefits PhenQ provides.

It’s also a fat blocker and fat burner. In fact, it offers dieters support in no less than five different ways. It’s an all-in-one weight loss solution. So people who are using PhenQ to suppress their appetite will not need to go shopping for other products to help speed up results.

PhenQ contains a few ingredients that can control hunger, but the most important one is nopal (opuntia ficus-indica) and it comes from a cactus plant that is often referred to as prickly pear.

nopal appetite suppressantNopal was being used as an appetite suppressant hundreds of years before diet pills were invented. Indian tribesmen used to chew on a cube of nopal cactus flesh while they were on hunting trips. It took away their food cravings and helped them concentrate on what they needed to do.

Nopal is also a fat blocker and research conducted in 2014, proves that it works. If you are looking for an appetite suppressant that offers more, PhenQ should be right up your street and it also holds the distinction of being the first diet pill to be sold with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Phen375 Appetite Suppressant (also a fat burner)

Phen375 single bottlePhen375 is a Phentermine alternative that has got such a good reputation for delivering results its popularity has resulted in a problem with copycat products.

If you are considering buying some Phen375 you will need to bear this in mind and make sure you obtain it from the official website. It’s the only way to be certain you are getting the real Phen375. It’s also the only way you’ll get the benefit of the money back guarantee.

Often imitated, never bettered, Phen375 contains an advanced formula of pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Phen375 official websiteAlthough Phen375 is usually sought out by people who are looking for a good appetite suppressant or a Phentermine substitute, the product offers additional value in other areas. It contains ingredients that speed up the metabolism and get the body burning extra fat. Phen375 also prevents diet-related fatigue.

Although the formulation contains several natural appetite suppressants, L-Carnitine stands out as being a particularly valuable inclusion because research shows it has value both as a hunger controller and as an energy giver.

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Phentaslim – Appetite Suppressant (great for workouts)

Phentaslim ReviewA firm favourite with former Phentermine users, Phentaslim can banish hunger like nobody’s business and it’s a seriously good metabolism booster and fat burner too.

Thousands of people who have tried the prescription drug and then switched to Phentaslim say it was a change for the better because it helped them to lose weight without side effects. Judging by what people have stated in their reviews, Phentaslim also works faster than Phentermine and it has a money back guarantee too. You won’t get that with a prescription option.

Phentaslim StockistsPhentaslim is powered by 15 ingredients, most of them provide multiple benefits and several of them are known to present an appetite suppressing effect. Capsicum is probably the most potent inclusion.

Research proves the capsaicin it contains can suppress the appetite and it’s a proven fat burner as well.

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Gravitate Supersculpt – Appetite Suppressant (with glucomannan)

Gravitate Supersculpt 2017Supersculpt is one of two supplements developed by Gravitate Nutrition. The company’s other product is a vitamin and mineral provider called DietVIts.

It’s designed to be used in conjunction with their Supersculpt appetite suppressing pills. If dieters fail to opt for the right food choices, the fact that they are eating less food per day may result in nutritional deficiencies.

DietVits prevents this from happening and some of the ingredients, such as Chromium (controls blood sugar levels) and Vitamin B (good for the metabolism) should help provide further weight loss.

Although Gravitate Supersculpt is still a relatively new product, it has already earned the respect of dieters all over the world.

This is not surprising because the pills provide a generous dose of glucomannan (water soluble fiber) and its one of the best appetite suppressing ingredients known to man. Unlike some hunger quelling ingredients, glucomannan does not interfere with the way the body works.

It simply swells inside the stomach to create a feeling of fullness that suppresses the urge to eat. Supplements that contain glucomannan have to be taken with plenty of water because it is necessary to hydrate the fibers and taking it with two glasses of water if preferable to just one.

So, if you are looking for swell appetite suppressant, you may want to give Supersculpt a go. Customer reviews are excellent and there is nothing to lose because Gravitate offer a money back guarantee.

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Proactol XS – Appetite Suppressant (also a fat binder)

proactolProactol XS is a fat blocker developed by Bauer Nutrition. Although it’s ability to control the appetite is only a secondary benefit it appears to do so extremely well.

This product has already helped a lot of people to say goodbye to their unwanted body fat and finally get slim. It’s ability to block dietary fat is obviously a big reason for the product’s success, but the majority of customers who have written Proactol XS reviews state they found it easy to stick to their meal plans and cut out snacking because the pill provided such a good hunger reducing effect.

Bauer have kept it simple with this product. Chitosan is the only active ingredient and, unlike the majority of supplement manufacturers, Bauer has avoided using the form of chitosan that is sourced from crab and lobster shells.

The chitosan in Proactol XS is taken from a species of fungus (aspergillus niger mycelium). There are no animal derived ingredients at all, so if you are looking for a vegan or vegetarian friendly appetite suppressant this one could be for you and it comes with a money back guarantee.

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Over the Counter Diet Pills – Diet Pills Without Prescription

over the counter diet pills

Over the counter diet pills are basically diet pills that you can buy without prescription. Losing weight is hard work. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be so many overweight people in the world, but finding a suitable weight loss product can be quite a chore. People who feel a pressing need to lose weight may follow one of several routes.

At one end of the scale, there are those who make modest changes to their lifestyle and hope for the best. At the other end, there are the people who take a do or die attitude and sign-up for a weight loss boot camp. However, the majority of people needing to lose weight go looking for diet pills instead.

More often than not, people who need to lose weight start to search for a diet pill to buy online, or peruse the shelves of their local health food store or pharmacy, and there are some excellent products available, such as PhenQ, Capsiplex, and Superfruit Slim.

However, despite the fact that today’s top diet pill choices have helped thousands of people to lose weight, some people still think prescription diet pills, such as Phentermine, and Xenical are likely to be a better option.

This is far from being the case. Prescription weight loss drugs have value but, like over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills, they are intended to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise. And unlike OTC diet pills they only offer short-term support (most weight loss drugs are only prescribed for 12 weeks or less).

diet pills without prescription

OTC Diet Pills v Prescription Weight Loss Drugs

Prescription weight loss drugs are powered by chemicals. They are renowned for causing side effects and some of them—Phentermine is a good example—can be addictive.

Phentermine UKIn fact, for most people, the negative aspects far outweigh the potential for good. That’s why doctors consider drugs like Phentermine and Xenical to be the last resort and only prescribe them to people who are so obese their overweight nature poses such a health risk the pills can be seen as the lesser of two evils.

OTC diet pills, produced by reputable manufacturers, contain plant extracts and other natural ingredients. They are generally easier to tolerate and the best ones have been specially formulated to provide weight loss without side effects.

Shocking as this may seem, some of today’s leading OTC diet pills work faster and more efficiently than prescription diet pills. This is largely due to the fact that they have been specially formulated to offer dieters support in a number of key weight loss areas. Prescription diet pills tend to have more limited value.

A Few Popular Prescription Diet Pills and What they Do








Appetite suppression

Fat blocking

Appetite suppression

Side Effects

High blood pressure, dizziness, dry mouth, impotence

Weakness, stomach pain, cold symptoms, jaundice

Headaches, hallucinations, muscle pain


Natural Alternative

Nopal, glucomannan


Nopal, glucomannan

Although there are a number of prescription weight loss medications available, most of them are appetite suppressants.

Nopal (opuntia ficus-indica) is a cactus extract that is equally capable of providing appetite suppression and is also a proven fat blocker.

A combination of Phentermine and Orlistat would be required to match its abilities. Nopal is also rich in nutrients that are good for the health, so it is easily the better option and diet pills that contain nopal usually combine it with other natural ingredients that can provide dieters with further support in other areas, such as faster metabolism and improved fat burning.

Concluding Thoughts

Although not all OTC diet pills are all they are cracked up to be, the fact remains there are some very good products available that can easily beat prescription medications and are safe for long-term use.

The lack of restrictions on their use makes them available to all, not just the seriously obese. Are they better than boot-camp? That’s hard to say, but a good quality OTC diet pill can certainly provide dieters with an easier way to lose weight.

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Intermittent Fasting – Is It Wise, Does It Work?

Fasting dietsThere are many different ways to lose weight. The traditional way is to use a combination of diet and exercise, and a good supplement can be useful for speeding up the fat burning process and improving results.

However, there are also a lot of fad diets doing the rounds, such as the Grapefruit Diet, the Cabbage Diet and, intermittent fasting.

The latter is becoming increasing popular these days and is somewhat of an umbrella term that is used for any form of diet that involves cycling between periods of eating normally and periods of self-starvation.

Why is Intermittent Fasting Becoming Such a Popular Way to Lose Weight?

The popularity of intermittent fasting techniques, such as the 5:2 Diet, is on the rise for a number of reason.

For one thing intermittent fasting is less complicated than many other fad diets because there is no need to search out and stick to certain kinds of foods types such as fruit (Grapefruit Diet), vegetables (Cabbage Soup Diet), or protein (Caveman Diet).

The fact that many celebrities, including pop icon Beyonce Knowles, are believed to favour intermittent fasting is also a big selling point.

A Look at Some Intermittent Fasting Techniques

Intermittent fasting always involves periods of eating normally and periods of eating little or no food for extended periods of time (usually 16-48 hours). There are a number of different variations, but here are a few of the most popular ones:

Eat-Stop-Eat-Type Diets

People who practice eat-stop-eat dieting techniques, such as the 5:2 Diet have to severely restrict their calorie intake for 24 hours on a regular basis. In the case of the 5:2 Diet, people have to fast two days per week (not consecutive) but can eat more or less normally for the other five days.

Random Meal Skipping

Random Meal Skipping is less restrictive than other ways of intermittent fasting because it does not involve such long periods of “empty belly” time. It’s just a case of selecting a meal to skip and then doing so once or twice a week.

However, proponents of this system are encouraged to avoid processed foods and stick to more natural alternatives; so there are shades of the Cavemen Diet involved and it is important not to snack in between meals.

Alternate-Day Fasting

There are different ways to practice alternate-day fasting. Some people eat for 12 hours and then fast for 36 hours, but that’s a long time to go without eating normally.

Not surprisingly, many people prefer to eat normally for 24 hours and then fast for 24 hours. There is even a more “user friendly version” that allows to to eat normally for 24 hours and then eat up to 500 calories, spread out over the following 24-hour period.

Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

The simple answer is “yes”. Intermittent fasting works. Scientific research proves this, but results can vary depending on the version used and it also appears to be better suited to some individuals than it is to others.

The reason why people may experience different levels of success could be due to the kind of diet they eat on the days they are allowed normal food. It stands to reason that, even on a fast day, the body can only burn a certain amount of calories. If the diet on non-fast days is overly high in calories the system could fail.

Alleged Intermittent Fasting Benefits

Alleged Intermittent Fasting Benefits

Aficionados of the this form of fasting claim it can provide many benefits.

A few of the benefits associated with intermittent fasting include:

  • Decreased likelihood of developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • Boosted human growth hormone levels
  • Improved healing abilities
  • Accelerated metabolism
  • Longer life
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Weight loss

People who practice intermittent fasting are often quick to point out the fact that man’s ancestors, who obtained their food by hunting and gathering, often had to go without food because it wasn’t always available.

It is argued that this is a more natural eating pattern because the human body adapted to such eating restrictions many thousands of years ago. However, experts who have studied the technique agree further study is needed before intermittent fasting can be recommended.

The Negative Aspects

Fasting may have been normal in the days when people ran about with big sticks in their hands hoping to find a baby dinosaur to club to death and take home for lunch, but things are different these days.

The average person is not used to going long periods without food, and starving the body in this way can have negative consequences.

Some of the side effects of intermittent fasting include:

  • Dehydration
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Headaches
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Heartburn
  • Reduced athletic performance
  • Feelings of lethargy
  • Missed periods
  • Early menopause

In Summary

Internet fasting is not suitable for everyone and should never be attempted by pregnant women, diabetics, or anyone with a history of eating disorders.

Bearing in mind the extreme nature of this kind of dieting technique, it would be wise for all prospective intermittent fasters to gain their doctors approval before attempting to restrict their calorie intake to such an extent for extended periods of time.

It is also worth noting anyone who has the willpower necessary to fight hunger urges for long enough to maintain such a fast should have no trouble controlling their eating habits sufficiently to lose weight by following a normal calorie controlled diet every day. Going to extremes is unnecessary, could be seen as foolish and, for some people, may even be dangerous.

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