Best Slimming Pills For 2017 in the UK and Ireland

Our list of best slimming pills for 2017 may not be long, but it contains three of the most effective dieting aids ever created: PhenQ, Superfruit Slim, and Gravitate SuperSculpt. All three products contain quality ingredients that are proven to work and none of them are unreasonably priced. If you are looking for slimming pill that can provide side effect-free weight loss, your search has come to an end. We have found numerous testimonials for each product and all of them are good. These three brands deliver the goods, and customers can buy in confidence because all the products on our list of best diet pills for 2017 come with a money back guarantee.


PhenQ bottlePhenQ is one of the best-selling slimming pills in the world. There’s a lot to be said for that. Lots of people get hoodwinked into buying weight loss products that don’t work, but word soon gets around. When a product does deliver the goods the word gets around as a well and that is one of the secretes to PhenQ’s success.

When the product was launched in 2015, it got a lot of attention because it was backed by a 60-day guarantee. Since then a lot of manufacturers have started offering a similarly lengthy guarantee period, but when PhenQ first came to market most good slimming pills only had a 30 day guarantee.

It seems likely that many people only decided to buy PhenQ because they knew their money was safe, but the pills proved to work so well positive feedback began to roll in. PhenQ was doing what it was designed to do, the word got around, sales increased, and it was a case of rinse and repeat. The product has already helped over 190,000 dieters to lose weight.

The secret to PhenQ’s success is pretty simple. It’s a slimming pill that contains a number of good ingredients that are proven to work. They offer a combination of benefits that covers all the bases and gives dieters the complete support they need to lose weight.

PhenQ Slimming Pills work in five ways:

  • They suppress the appetite
  • They encourage fat burning
  • They block fat
  • They boost energy levels
  • They enhance the mood

PhenQ offers dieters such a lot of support it is often said it provides the power of several products in a single pill. Want to lose weight? We recommend you use PhenQ. We couldn’t think of a better product to place at the top of list of best diet pills.

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Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim BottlesThe second item on this year’s list is Superfruit Slim. As the name suggests, its a superfruit-powered slimming pill and that’s no bad thing because superfruits are highly nutritious. It’s a slimming pill that can be as good for the overall health as it is for the waistline. The formulation is 100% natural and none of the ingredients come from animals, so Superfruit Slim and is the perfect choice for vegetarians who need to loose weight. It’s been around a little longer than PhenQ, and the guarantee period was originally 30-days, but it’s now been doubled.

Superfruit Slim contains two superfruit ingredients, African Mango and acai. Both ingredients are considered to be among the top slimming pill ingredients in the world and their powers are supported by a dose of green tea (proven fat burner) and some panax ginseng (improves the overall health).

Superfruit Slim helps people to lose weight by:

  • Reducing hunger cravings
  • Speeding up the metabolism
  • Making you feel more alert and energised
  • Accelerating fat burning

Superfruit Slim is a slimming pill that lives up to its name—it contains superfruits and it makes you Slim. Want to know all the reasons why it’s one of our top three slimming pills?

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Gravitate SuperSculpt

Gravitate Supersculpt 2017SuperSculpt is a stimulant-free slimming pill made in Manchester by Gravitate Nutrition. It’s very different from PhenQ because PhenQ is like several pills rolled into one. SuperSculpt is designed to be taken with a companion product and the two pills act together as one. If that makes SuperSculpt sound like an expensive slimming option, don’t worry it’s not.

The companion product is a calorie-crunching vitamin and mineral complex called DietVits and the slimming pill combo is very reasonably priced. More importantly, this diet pill duo provide some effective ingredients and customer feedback is good. Gravitate Nutrition also offers a 35-day money back guarantee. It’s a very good product. If it wasn’t it would have never made our list of best slimming pills for 2017.

The combined benefits the two pills offer are:

  • Appetite suppression.
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Faster fat burning
  • Carb-blocking
  • Helps you feel healthier, happier, and more energised

It’s not surprising that so many people find it easy to loose weight the Gravitate way. SuperSculpt contains glucomannan and numerous clinical trials show it fills up the stomach and dulls the desire for food.   The vitamins and minerals provided by DietVits also have fat fighting abilities. The faster metabolism that burns more calories is thanks to them. Vitamins are known to be good for the health, so people often disregard them as weight loss aids. This is a mistake. Curious to know all the reasons why DietVits and SuperSculpt are such a powerful fat burning combination?

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AspireAssist Weight Loss – helps to reduce the calories absorbed by the body

Aspire Assist tubeAspireAssist is a made by Aspirebariatrics in an attempt to tackle obesity. Obesity has become a serious problem on a worldwide scale and it is a problem that does not look like it will be going away any time soon. Many obese people are well aware of the strain their condition places on the body, and would like to do something about it, but don’t have the willpower necessary to modify their eating habits and make the problem go away.

Recently the FDA approved a new weight loss device that appears to have the potential to make losing weight a lot easier. Its called AspireAssist and the fact that it is designed assist people who aspire to lose weight could make the name seem very apt. However, the real reason behind the name may come as a shock to many people.

AspireAssist is a stomach tube designed to assist people who wish to aspirate (remove) their stomach contents, and the device has to be physically attached to the body on a long-term basis and the stomach tube enters the body through a small hole cut in the stomach. If you think it sounds pretty severe many people would probably agree, but the manufacturer, Aspire Bariatrics, make it sound like a walk in the park, stating the procedure is “non-surgical and reversible”.

AspireAssist is a stomach tube

Although the procedure can be carried out on an outpatient basis, many people may argue that anything that involves cutting holes in the body is a surgical procedure. The claim about the process being reversible also raises a few questions because, although the Aspire website contains a wealth of information about the AspireAssist stomach tube and how it is installed, the site fails to state how it is removed or if there may be any dangers involved. In fact, and entry on the site’s FAQs page appears to be encouraging people to keep the device fitted for life:

“Our trials show that most patients who start this therapy elect to continue it to ensure that weight loss is maintained. However, if the AspireAssist is needed to maintain weight loss, it is likely weight regain will occur if therapy is stopped.”

Who the Device is for

AspireAssist is only intended for obese adults, with a BMI 35 to 55, who have failed to lose weight through diet and exercise or other less drastic measures. The device cannot be fitted without a doctor’s approval and people who wish to take this rather extreme route to weight loss are told they need to be “committed to making a complete lifestyle transformation”.

How the Device is Fitted and Used

Aspire Assist how it worksAccording to the Aspire website, the first step is to insert a thin tube into the stomach. This can apparently cause pain and discomfort that may last for a few days. The tube is left in place while the wound heals. Aspire compare this to the healing process that is required for a pierced ear. A week later a “discreet button” is attached.

People who decide to use AspireAssist to lose weight are also given a small hand-held device they can fit to the button shortly after a meal. It allows them to drain 30% of the food from their stomach down a tube and into the toilet. This takes around 20 to 30 minutes and could be a real passion killer for anyone who is out on a date.

How the Product Has Been Received

Although AspireAssist has only recently been approved for use in the US, the device has been been available in some European countries since 2011 and the media does not appear to have reported any calamities related to use of the device. However, some health experts have raised concerns about AspireAssist. In an interview with Fox News, Dr. Manny Alvarez said he had “significant doubts” about the product and worried it may irritate the stomach lining. He also hypothesised that using the AspireAssist may lead to dehydration and rob the vital organs of “vital electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and calcium.” Taking a very bleak view of the possible consequences that could come to light in the future, he said, “I’m sure it won’t be long until tales of infections, leakage, lack of nutrient absorption, depression and suicide, severe hypoglycaemia, extreme thiamine deficiency, anaemia, osteoporosis, and all sorts of other complications surface.”

How the AspireAssist Compares to Other Weight Loss Options

Although there can be little doubt that draining food from the stomach will be an effective way to lower the calorie intake and this should, in turn, lead to weight loss. It could be argued the method does not compare well to other options including prescription medication, diet supplements, or even gastric band surgery.

Although gastric band surgery is more invasive and is known to carry dangers, the system works by restricting the size of the stomach to such an extent it is not possible to eat large amount of food because the stomach no longer has sufficient room. Although dieters who undergo the procedure will still be plagued by feeling of hunger they cannot satisfy, and will likely need to use a good appetite suppressant, this problem will be relatively short-lived. After a period of time the body will become used to receiving less food and will adapt accordingly. Then at a later date, when the gastric band is removed, eating less food will be normal and a healthy weight should be easy to maintain.

In a similar way, diet medications and commercially available weight loss supplements can also train the body to need less food. Dieters who are fitted with the AspireAssist are educated in healthy eating practices as part of the treatment, and this is good, but they may simply continue to (over) eat as normal and then drain some of their meal away. Although weight loss is still probable, if the AspireAssist stomach tube is removed the dieter will not have trained themselves to make do with smaller portions and the weight will likely return. The fact that Aspire appears keen to encourage people to keep the device in place, even when a healthy weight is attained, suggest they may have doubts about its ability to deliver long-term weight loss.

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Phen375 v PhenQ – 2 Phentermine Alternatives Comapared

PhenQ V Phen375. A few months ago I realized I’d gained a little extra blubber around my midsection. My best friend Mark had the same problem, but that’s not surprising we’d just got back from a three week stay in Portugal.

The food was cheap, the beer was too, and I guess we overdid it a bit with both. I gained 10lbs and he gained 9lbs. When we got home we both returned to our normal routines and found it hard to ditch the extra poundage. We checked on line and a lot of people seemed to have good things to say about PhenQ. There was also a good buzz for Phen375 so we thought it would be interesting to see which one is the better weight loss pill. I wanted to try PhenQ, so Mark used Phen375.

PhenQ V Phen375

What We Did

We took the pills for 30 days without altering our normal routines.

About Us

We work at the same steel plant, eat similar diets, and train together four nights a week at the gym. We are pretty equally matched as far as strength and size go.

PhenQ V Phen375 – About the Pills

Neither of us claim to be experts on diet pills, but from what we can see the pills are pretty equally matched as well. Both of them are produced by well respected companies and they have a similar price. Phen375 costs £45.45 and PhenQ costs 50p more. Both products have a money back guarantee, but the Phen375 is only for 30 days. The PhenQ guarantee lasts for 60 days. Apart from that the only differences are the ingredients used and the way the pills help you to lose weight.

How PhenQ Helps You To Lose Weight

·      Appetite suppression

·      Extra energy

·      Fat burning

·      Mood enhancement

·      Prevents new fat cells growing

How Phen375 Helps You To Lose Weight

·      Appetite suppression

·      Extra energy

·      Faster metabolism

As you can see, both pills are supposed to suppress the appetite and give extra energy, but PhenQ offers a couple of extra benefits. That might make PhenQ seem like the best product right from the get-go, but we read lots of reviews written by people who had taken Phen375 and lost a lot of weight. People were leaving similar reviews for PhenQ and nobody was mentioning any side effects for either product.

List of ingredients Used in PhenQ

·      L Carnitine Furmarate (burns fat, stops you feeling tired, and helps put you in a good mood).
·      Caffeine (give you extra energy, suppresses the appetite and burns fat)
·      Chromium Picolinate (stops you wanting sugary food)
·      Calcium Carbonate (stops new fat cells growing)

·      Capsimax Powder (for fat burning)
·      a-LACYS RESET (for fat burning)

·      Nopal (fat blocker and appetite suppressant)

List of Ingredients Used in Phen375

·      L-Carnitine (burns fat, gives you energy, and helps put you in a good mood)

·      Caffeine Anhydrous (give you extra energy, suppresses the appetite and burns fat)

·      Chromium Picolinate (stops you wanting sugary food)
·      Calcium (stops new fat cells growing)

·      Cayenne Pepper (for fat burning)

·      Dendrobium Nobile Orchid Extract (helps the digestion)

(*These ingredients are only used in Europe. If you live in America there are some differences)

PhenQ V Phen375 – How it all Panned Out

Both pills are designed to be used with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Me and Mark had that right from the get go, along with similar lifestyles. The only difference was Mark wast taking Phen375 two times a day and I was taking PhenQ. After 30 days we both had empty bottles and stepped on the scales.

Mark had lost 12lbs and I’d lost 16lbs. So PhenQ appears to be a slightly more powerful product. We sat down and talked about this and think the reason PhenQ outperformed Phen375 may be because it has Nopal to block fat.

Although me and Mark eat healthy, we do eat some foods (red meats margarine etc.) that contain fat. The Nopal in PhenQ may have prevented me from absorbing as much fat as normal. According to this article a gram of fat contains 9 calories so, even with a low fat diet, it would make a big difference in 30 days. So our 30 day independent study tells us this: Phen375 works, but PhenQ works that little bit better.