XLS 45 + Mon Ventre Plat 30 Gélules

XLS 45 + Flat StomachXLS 45 + Mon Ventre Plat (my flat stomach) is a dietary supplement manufactured in Europe by XLS Medical.

The company is probably most respected for its fat blocking and carbohydrate blocking products, which are readily available in Pharmacies, supermarkets, and online stores all over the UK.

However, XLS Medical also produces a number of other products that appear to specifically aimed at French citizens. XLS 45 +Mon Ventre Plat is one of these products so, although it is still possible to find a supplier that’s based in the UK, all of the product information on the packaging will be written in French.

What is XLS 45 + Mon Ventre Plat and How Does it Work?

XLS 45 + Mon Ventre Plat is a capsule-type diet pill designed specifically for women who are in a pre-menopausal or menopausal state. It’s intended to function as a fat burner that targets the stomach area and burns belly fat. Hence the name.

Fat burning can be triggered in a number of ways. One of the most common ways is to speed up the metabolism and some diet pills accomplish this by using stimulants, so it’s no surprise that Guarana (a source of caffeine) is listed as one of the key ingredients.

However, no matter how it’s achieved, a faster metabolism burns through calories more quickly and if this leads to a calorie shortage the body will have to start burning fat instead.

Key Ingredients

Each dose of XLS 45 + :

  • Cellulose Microcrystalline
  • Methyl Cellulose
  • Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract
  • Guarana Extract (125mg)
  • Ginseng Extract (20mg)
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Copper Chlorophyllins Complex

Blend Potential

Although the formulation of ingredients used in XLS 45 + Mon Ventre Plat may look quite impressive, this is far from being the case. Most of the inclusions are bulking agents, colourants, and anti-caking agents.

The only ingredients that may directly influence body fat are ascophyllum nodosum, guarana, and (possibly) ginseng. It’s also worth noting the presence of these three ingredients is unlikely to make the formulation more viable for women (menopausal or not) than men. Neither will it be able to target fat in a specific area of the body. However, guarana provides a slow release of caffeine, and caffeine is a proven metabolism booster and thermogenic fat burner.

Ascophyllum nodosum is a seaweed derivative that acts as a fat blocker and further supports weight loss by suppressing the appetite and providing the thyroid gland with extra iodine. The thyroid uses iodine to manufacture the hormones the body uses to regulate the metabolism, so ascophyllum nodosum is easily the most versatile of the three ingredients used in the XLS 45 + formulation.

Ginseng is an adaptogen herb that’s been favoured by Chinese herbalists for hundreds of years. A study published in the Physiotherapy Research Journal (2008) shows it may have potential as a weight loss ingredient. This is believed to be due to component called RG3 that appears to inhibit fat storage. There have been no human-based studies yet, but it seems to work for mice.

Usage Instructions – Two capsules are required each day and should be taken after breakfast with a large glass of water.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are a mix of good and bad. Some women give the product a big thumbs up, other say it did nothing at all for them, while still others appear to be undecided about its merits.

A few average reviews read:

“I lost 3kg in 3 weeks using this product. I’m happy with that and highly recommend you give this product a try. If it works for me it can work for you too.”

“After 2 months I can say I’ve lost a few pounds, but my belly certainly isn’t any flatter and I’m not sure if the weight loss was due to the pills or thanks to my aerobics sessions.”

“My belly feels less swollen and bloated now and my jeans are no longer trying to cut me in two. I’ve still got a way to go yet, but with these pills to help me I know I’ll get there in the end.”
“Nope. No good. No weight loss at all. Doesn’t do any of the things it’s supposed to do. Save your money and put it towards a gym membership instead.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects have been reported, but XLS 45 + Mon Ventre Plat will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

The caffeine content will also make the pills a poor option for anyone who has a problem handling products that contain stimulants. Women who are under a doctor’s care are advised to seek medical approval before using this product. The same advice is offered to women who are using medication or planning on using XLS 45 +  alongside another supplement.

Where To Buy XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat

XLS 45 + Flat Stomach is available from numerous online stores all over Europe. It’s also possible to buy it from Amazon.

Expect to pay around £13 to £16 per 30-capsule pack. The price is cheap, but it’s not quite as good as it appears to be because each pack is only good for 15 days, so the true cost of using this product is probably £26 to £32 per month.


Customers who buy XLS 45 +  are not offered a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Even when you are using two boxes a month, XLS 45 +  is still a little cheaper than most competing products, but customer reviews suggest the formulation does not work for everyone, and there is no money back guarantee, so customers who buy XLS 45 + are still gambling with their money and, although the formulation contains some valid ingredients, it’s not as powerful as the formulations used in some competing products.

As for the claims that the product can target the belly fat of pre-menopausal and menopausal women, those are best taken with a dose of salt. It’s just marketing stuff.

Recommended Alternative

Best Diet PillsThere are several weight loss product that we recommend over XLS 45+ with perhaps the best being PhenQ.

PhenQ is has many benefits; it can burn excess body fat, stop the production of new fat and also suppress appetite. It also not aimed at any specific age group or gender.

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Obesimed Review – Is It A Rebranded Superdrug SlenderPlan

Obesimed ReviewObesimed is a European appetite suppressant that’s sold under a number of different brand names. It’s manufactured in the Netherlands by PK Benelux.

The company is a subsidiary of Peters Krizman AG and distribute their products under their own brand name, Lucovital.

The health and wellness supplements manufactured by PK Benelux are also available as private label products.

This means other companies have the opportunity to re-brand them and sell them as their own.

It’s hard to say how many companies are doing this with PK Benelux products but, at the time of this review, the Romanian company Fiterman Pharma were marketing Obesimed as their own product and the UK health and beauty product retailer, Superdrug, had changed the name entirely and were busy selling Obesimed as part of their own-label range of weight loss supplements (Slenderplan)

The Benefits Customers Are Told to Expect

  • Treats and prevents obesity
  • Curbs excessive eating habits
  • Supports a balanced diet
  • Delivers substantial weight loss

Method of Action

There isn’t really a great deal of information available about Obesimed, but it apparently has the ability to soak up a large volume of water.

The result is a “natural substance” that fills the stomach and induces satiety. This makes it easier for people to eat less food because it no longer takes so much to stop them feeling hungry.

When the pills are used with a calorie restricted diet the body should face a calorie shortage that primes it for weight loss by triggering the need to begin using existing stores of fat as a source of fuel. Such is the theory, but the truth of the matter is appetite suppression is seldom enough to procure good results.

That’s the reason why so many appetite suppressing diet pills are designed to boost the metabolism as well. A faster metabolism burns extra calories 24 hours a day, and it’s easy to understand how this would increase the chances of weight loss success.

Usage Instructions – Obesimed is designed to work as an obesity reducing treatment for people who are aged 10 and over. Adults need to take three (2 capsule) doses per day, before meals. Younger users can reduce this to two capsules, two times per day, if required. It’s important to wash down each dose of Obesimed with two large glasses of water and good results will only be forthcoming if the capsules are used alongside a calorie restricted diet.

Some diet pills are intended to be used in cycles. This is the case with Obesimed and the recommended cycle is 30 days on followed by four days off.

Active Ingredients

Obesimed contains undisclosed ratios and quantities of the following five ingredients:

  • OMTEC 19
  • Oleum Helianthus
  • Titanium Dioxide (E171)
  • Hypromelllose (E464)
  • Amylum Solani

Does Obesimed Work

OMTEC 19 must be the power ingredient because the other four ingredients are only capable of providing colour, helping hold the capsule together, and assisting its breakdown when its inside the stomach.

glucomannanThe big question is, what is OMTEC 19? The true manufacturer of the product fails to provide this important information and all the sites distributing it follow suit.

There’s a good chance it may be a standardized form of glucomannan, but there is no way to be certain and it does not seem right that dieters are expected to consume diet pills without knowing all the ingredients they contain. Will the pills be able to do what is claimed? If each dose provides 1g of glucomannan there’s a good chance they could pull it off. But do they contain glucomannan and, if so, is there enough?

Obesimed Customer Response

Obesimed reviews appear to be an equal mix of good and bad.

“Obesimed is great for kicking your appetite into touch. I lost 6 pounds in the first 30 days, but I’m not exactly wowed by the unpleasant after taste they leave in my mouth.”
“Snake oil in a capsule. I used these pills alongside a low calorie meal plan and still felt hungry and miserable all of the time. I lost a few pounds, but that was more due to the calorie restriction, and my will power had to do it alone because the pills didn’t help.”
“If you use these pills with a good healthy diet and get plenty of exercise it’s a pretty hard combination to beat. The diet and exercise is the important thing, but the pills help by taking your hunger away.”
“No wonder these things don’t get a guarantee. They did zilch for my appetite. I still felt very hungry and found it hard to resist the urge to pig-out.”

Obesimed Side Effects

No side effects have been reported, but until a day when more information becomes available about the main ingredient we suggest not using these pills without a doctor’s approval.

Obesimed Pricing and Distribution

Customers living in many European countries will be able to buy Obesimed from their local pharmacy or health food store. The product is also available from many leading European online stores and the price for a 126 capsule box ranges from €16 (£14) to €28 (£24).


There is no manufacturer’s money back guarantee, but it’s possible some stores may offer their own guarantee.


Customer reviews suggest Obesimed may not be a particularly powerful appetite suppressant.

This is a fact that tends to make us doubt our original speculation that OMTEC 19 may be glucomannan. We were relieved when we did not find any reports of side effects, but the lack of information about OMTEC 19 remains a source of concern.

Although it’s produced by a reputable company, we still have too many doubts about this product and feel duty-bound to suggest you try something else instead.

Recommended Appetite Suppressant

PhenQ bottleOur preference if for PhenQ a natural appetite suppressant that can also help to burn excess body fat and also stop the introduction of new fat cells.

PhenQ uses pharmacy quality ingredients but is available to buy from it’s own official website without the need for a prescription.

Read why PhenQ is so highly rated by clicking here

Superdrug Appetite Suppressant Review

Slenderplan Appetite SuppressantSlenderplan Appetite Suppressant is part of a range of own brand weight loss products developed for Superdrug. It’s produced in capsule format and, as the name suggests, it’s intended to help people to get their eating habits under control.

The advertised benefits are:

  • Promotes a feeling of fullness
  • Achieve weight loss and prevent weight gain

How Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant Works

Superdrug don’t provide a lot of information about their appetite suppressant, but the capsule contents apparently combine with water inside the stomach and form a gelatinous compound.

This creates the promised feeling of fullness and helps users to feel satisfied more quickly at meal times.

If it works in the intended way, Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant should help people to less food per day and this will, of course, result in a calorie reduction. If the calorie intake per day becomes too low to provide the body with the energy it needs, the body will respond to the shortage by burning its stores of fat.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

No inclusion rates are provided, but the capsules contain:

  • OMTEC 19: A patent protected plant fibre complex that’s also the key ingredient in Obesimed appetite suppressing diet pills. We have some concerns about this ingredient because we were unable to find out who manufactures it or what it contains.
  • Amylum Solani: A purified potato starch developed by DFE Pharma. Amylum Solani has the ability to aid the disintegration of pill-type medications and supplements and is also used as a binder and filler.
  • Hypromelllose (E464): A semi synthetic compound that’s sometimes used as a controlled delivery component in oral medications.
  • Oleum Helianthus: A fancy name for sunflower seed oil. It’s unlikely to contribute to the promised appetite suppressing effect, but sunflower seed oil can be useful for lowering cholesterol levels and preventing constipation.
  • Titanium Dioxide (E171): An ingredient that’s often used as a colourant in food products and confectionery.
Usage Guidelines – Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant is intended to be used in conjunction with a calorie reduced diet. The capsules have to be swallowed whole and three (2 capsule) doses are required per day. Superdrug stress the importance of always washing the capsules down with two large glasses of water. A four-day break is recommended after every 30 days of consecutive use.

Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant Customer Comments

Some average customer comments read:

“These pills are smelly little buggers but they actually work pretty well. They stop me from pigging out so much at mealtimes and I’m starting to see a pound or two reduction every time I step on the scales.”
“Don’t do a thing. I still feel as hungry as ever. “
“Slenderplan is the best appetite suppressant I’ve bought so far and I will be buying again. I’ve already lost a couple of pounds and I’ve only been on it for 10 days.”
“I’d love to be able to say this works, but it doesn’t. The promised feeling of fullness never happened and the capsules stink so bad you need to be quick about getting them into your mouth.”

Side Effects & Health Considerations

No side effects have been reported. The biggest issue with the product appears to be the smell.

Several customers have commented on it and the mouth and the nose are in such close proximity to each other this is a problem that will be hard to avoid.

However, there is a lack of information about the main ingredient and this raises some concerns. With this in mind, if you are seriously considering using Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant as a way to lose weight, we suggest you visit your GP first and only use the product if he or she says it is safe to do so.

Where To Buy Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant

You can only buy Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant from Superdrug and, if you don’t have a local branch near you, it’s also possible to purchase the product via the Superdrug website.

A 60-capsule pack of Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant costs £12.99 and, when used in the recommended way, each pack will only be good for 10 days. Superdrug often run promotions though and, at the time of this review, customers who bought two packs together were eligible for a 50% discount on the second box.


Customers who are not happy with any of Superdrug’s own brand products are promised a 100% refund and 25% discount the next time they buy a Superdrug own brand product.

The Verdict

Although customer reviews suggest Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant may work for some people, it does not appear to work for all. Without a better idea of the nature of the key ingredient (OMTEC 19) it’s hard to speculate why this may might be the case.

However, it’s entirely possible that the people who appear to have had the most success with the product had made other changes in their lifestyle as well, such as exercising more and eating low calorie foods.

No matter what the reason though, Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant does not appear to be a particularly powerful product and it does not compare well to PhenQ.

Buy PhenQ in the UKPhenQ is one of the best appetite suppressing diet pills on the market and there is no mystery about the ingredient that provides the hunger curbing effects. It’s a cactus extract called nopal and it’s been highly valued as an appetite suppressant for many hundreds of years.

Unlike Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant, PhenQ also provides dieters with support in other areas and is known to be very efficient at accelerating fat burning.

The capsules are also surprisingly odour-free. It’s a better option than Slenderplan Appetite Suppressant in every way so, if you are searching for a good appetite suppressing diet pill, you won’t find a better option than PhenQ.

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