Forza Slenderbind Review With Customer Comments

Forza slenderbind reviewSlenderbind is fat binding diet pill manufactured by Forza and primarily distributed via the company website.

The site is easy to navigate and provides visitors with several options for contacting customer services, but it’s sadly lacking in information about Slenderbind or any of the company’s other health and wellness products.

There are plenty of promises being made, but no links or references to specific studies are provided to back up any of the claims.

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A Look at the Claims Made For Forza Slenderbind

The main alleged benefits are:

  1. Provides a proven medical device that treats and prevents obesity
  2. Can reduce fat and cholesterol intake
  3. Contains Lipomy [TM], which can bind up to 60 times its own weight in fat
  4. Helps you shed more pounds than you would by dieting alone
  5. Clinically proven weight loss aid that is 380% more effective than the market leading fat binder

The Claims Evaluated

Fat binding supplements can also (more correctly) be called medical devices. Drugs and supplements are always absorbed into the body and usually produce chemical reactions and/or biological changes. Medical devices are inert. They are not absorbed and they produce no changes.

Fat binders contain ingredients that the body is unable to digest and they have the unique ability to absorb dietary fat while they are present in the digestive system.

The absorbed fat becomes indigestible as well and is carried through the digestive system without releasing any calories. The normal working of the digestive system is not interfered with, the fat is merely shielded from the digestive enzymes. Cholesterol is a dietary fat, so there could be some truth to claims one and two.

The claim about Lipomy cannot be supported. It is merely a statement that is not backed up by any scientific evidence.

If the formulation can successfully block fat absorption, claim no. 4 could be true. Every gram of fat that is digested provides the body with nine calories, but every gram that is shielded from the digestive process will provide none. This could certainly lower the calorie intake and help people to lose more weight than they would by dieting alone.

Claim no. 5 is just another statement that is not backed up by any solid evidence.

How to Use – The capsules should always be swallowed with plenty of water (at least one full glass). Two capsules are required before meals and it is permissible to take a maximum of three doses per day.

Active Ingredients

The only active ingredient is a trademarked blend called Lipomy. Forza say it contains plant extracts, but don’t identify them. We searched the internet and were unable to find out any information about Lipomy (who makes it, what it contains, etc.) and Forza Slenderbind appears to be the only supplement that uses it.

Forza Slenderbind Customer Testimonials

Some customers say the product provided modest weight loss, but at least as many customers state the pills did nothing at all; and side effects appear to be any issue for some users.

Some average customer reviews read:

“I’ve been losing up to 4lbs a week since I began with Forza. It’s better than nothing, but I expected a lot more from such an expensive product. It’s costing me £13 every 5 days so I think I need to try something else instead.”
“These pills are no good for helping you to lose weight but they are very good at making you constipated. Don’t even think about trying them unless you are well stocked up with laxatives or want to take a crowbar with you every time you go to the loo.”
“I was already losing a few pounds a week with diet and exercise. I think I am losing a couple of pounds more every week since I began with the pills, but they are making me constipated and cost a bomb to use, so I don’t think they are worth buying again.”
“I gained 3lbs last week and it isn’t surprising. These pills have got me so bunged up I haven’t been able to have a shit in days. Now I’m waiting for the fybogel to kick in. Hopefully that will sort things out.”

Is Forza Slenderbind Safe To Use

Forza Slenderbind is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. The proprietary blend that powers the formulation contains one or more undisclosed plant extracts, so we suggest potential users ask their GP for advice before using this product.

This is especially important for people who have existing health problems and/or are using medication.

Potential Side Effects

Forza state use of the product may lead to constipation or other gastrointestinal problems. Customer reviews suggest the chance of constipation may be quite high, with stomach pain coming a close second.

Pricing and Availability

Slenderbind is available from the Forza website and a five day supply of pills (30 capsules) costs £12.99. The product is also available from Amazon, but there are no savings to be made. The price remains the same.


A money back guarantee is not offered, but customers who buy Forza Slenderbind from Amazon may be able to secure a refund via the Amazon Returns Policy.

The Final Judgement

Looking at the customer reviews, it would appear the formulation may work for some people but not for others. It’s also possible that the people who claim to have lost weight by using Forza Slenderbind may have actually shed a few pounds due to another reason, such as diet and exercise.

Even if it does work, it’s an expensive product to use. If it does not there is no money back guarantee. That is not a point in the product’s favour. Nor is the fact that so many customers say the product causes constipation.

Changes to the normal workings of the bowel are not in keeping with a “medical device”. But, by far the biggest problem with this product is the fact that there is no way of ascertaining what the main ingredient contains.

The product may provide some degree of weight loss, or it may not, but Forza should not expect their customers to consume Slenderbind without knowing exactly what they are putting into their bodies.

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