SlimGenixPro Pro and Cleanse EFX Review

slimgenix-proSlimGenixPro appears to the latest in an ever-growing number of dieting products that are marketed via the use of what appears to be a free trial, but is actually just a way of suckering dieters into enrolling into an automated re-ordering and billing schedule that will land them with unexpected debits against their cards. This kind of practice is often referred to as the Automated Billing Scam.

Most of the dieting products that are marketed in this way contain raspberry ketones. SlimGenixPro is no exception, but the product also contains green coffee bean and both ingredients are at present very popular with dieters all over the world.

officiel website of Slimgenix proSlimgenix Pro is sold via its own official website – there are versions for the UK and Ireland as well as the United States

The free trial offer is anything but… we advise our readers to read the small print as you could be signing up to a monthly subscription

This product does not make one of our top diet pills for many reasons.

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Who Produces SlimGenixPro?

It is not known whether the company marketing the product is also responsible for the manufacturing process, but everything about the company is a mystery. The company’s main website appears to be based in the USA, and there is also a site for customers in the UK. Both sites transfer customers to a third (US-based) site——whenever they try to purchase the product or sign up for a free trial.

What is the Automated Billing Scam?

The Automated Billing Scam is a method used to trick customers into providing their card details by offering them what appears to be a quality product for just the cost of the postage, handling, and/or insurance. Although the information is absent from the main pages of the site, savvy customers who inspect the site’s terms and conditions page will discover that, by accepting the trial bottle they have agreed to pay the full price for the product at a later date and to receive a fresh shipment of pills each month. All payments are taken from the card used to pay the postage costs and customers usually only discover what has happened when they see large amounts of money have been debited from their accounts.

Slimgenix Free trial

In the case of SlimGenixPro, UK based customers are told they can receive a trial bottle of capsules for a token payment, but the terms and conditions pages states customers must cancel their order within 14 day or be billed the full amount (£94.99) on the fifteenth day. They will then continue to receive shipments each month, and be billed for them, until the order is cancelled.

We advise readers to not sign up for any trials unless they read the small print. Some (not all, there are just as many perfectly legitimate free trials in effect) are anything but free. If in doubt drop us a line here

What are the promised Benefits for SlimGenixPro?

According to SlimGenix their capsules can melt away fat and provide a tight body.

Other promised benefits include:

  • Helps burn off excess stored fat
  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Retains muscle mass
  • Boosts energy
  • Provides thinner legs and tighter abs

What are the Ingredients used in SlimGenixPro?

SlimGenix does not provide much information about the formulation other than it contains raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract. No inclusion rates are provided for either ingredient. It is possible the formulation may contain other ingredients as well, but SlimGenix does not provide a full list of ingredients, a snapshot of the label, or anything that could provide an insight into how well the blend may or may not work or what side effects its use may entail.

Green coffee weight loss benefitsThe main weight loss provider in green coffee bean extract is a substance called chlorogenic acid. Tests show it has the ability to control glucose levels, boost the metabolism, and trigger changes in the body that result in increased fat burning. It is one of the best weight loss ingredients available, but if an insufficient quantity is used it will fail to provide results. Green coffee bean extract is also a source of caffeine, and caffeine-providing products can cause some users to experience side effects such as jitters and nausea.

what are raspberry ketonesRaspberry Ketone is a compound that can be extracted from raspberries, and certain other fruits, or be manufactured.

The synthetic version is not considered to be as powerful, but SlimGenix state their formulation contains fruit-based raspberry ketones.

Tests show raspberry ketone can encourage fat burning and suppress the appetite. Raspberry Ketone (along with Gracinia Cambogia) is arguably the best of the superfruits as long as the dosage is correct.

How Many Capsules are required each Day?

The dosage is two capsules, twice a day.

Side Effects and Health Considerations

SlimGenixPro may contain unknown ingredients so it is not possible to predict the possible side effects the capsules may cause. Pregnant or nursing mothers are advised to play it safe and avoid the product altogether. The same advice is offered to individuals with existing health problems. All other potential users should consult their doctor before commencing supplementation with SlimGenixPro.

Customer Testimonials

SlimGenixPro is not available via sites that allow feedback, such as Amazon or GNC, so no independent feedback is available.

Recommended Alternative

Raspberry Ketone from Evolution SlimmingIf you are considering Slimgenix pro then you are quite possibly looking at the more natural diet pill – Raspberry Ketone Plus fits this requirement perfectly.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is produced by Evolution Slimming, a Kent based health company that has an outstanding reputation.

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