Silvets Review – natural slimming tablets

Silvets UKSilvets is a diet pill made in the USA for the Saudi Arabian company Key Player Limited.

The capsules contain a number of good ingredients, but Silvets appears to be a re-branded version of Slimette and we have to ask ourselves why Key Player needed to take this step.

Sometimes when companies re-brand products it’s because the product has acquired a bad reputation or amassed a lot of customer reviews that show it does not work as well as the marketing material claims.

We are not saying this is what happened in the case of Slimette, but the product used to be available via Amazon. That is no longer the case and Amazon often delivers a lot of reviews. Especially when products are particularly good or extremely bad. Both tend to loosen tongues and get people talking.

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How Silvets Works

People who buy Silvets are told to expect three main benefits:

  1. More Energy

Like all diet pills, Silvets will offer the best results if it is used in conjunction with diet and exercise. People who are eating less food than they used to do often find the reduction in calories results in feelings of lethargy. This is not a desirable situation and it can make it hard to begin and sustain a regular exercise routine. Silvets contains energy boosters to help rectify this situation.

  1. Faster Metabolism

The metabolism governs the speed at which calories are burned and used for energy. When the metabolism is accelerated it causes the body to burn calories at an increased rate. This can help create the calorie shortage that is necessary to trigger the fat burning process.

  1. Decreased Fat Retention

We are unsure what Key Player mean by this but suspect they are alleging the formulation will help prevent the body from creating fresh stores of fat.

What Is In Silvets

Silvets contains undeclared quantities of:

  • Acai Berry: A popular appetite suppressing ingredient that can further assist weight loss by boosting the metabolism.
  • Guarana: A tropical berry extract that contains caffeine and delivers it to the body in a manner that is slow enough to provide long-lasting benefits. Caffeine is probably best known for its energy boosting ability, but that’s only one of the reasons it’s added to so many diet supplements. The other reason is science shows caffeine can accelerate the metabolism.
  • Green Tea: A respected fat burner with proven value, green tea is also crammed full of antioxidants that promote good health and help protect the body from disease.
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate: An ingredient that provides L-Carnitine (amino acid). Its inclusion could help prevent diet-related fatigue.
  • Cayenne Powder: A chili pepper extract with proven metabolism boosting capabilities.
  • Bioperine: A patented black pepper extract. The active compound is called piperine and its role here is of a supportive nature. Although it is unlikely to directly contribute to weight loss, piperine has the ability to assist the absorption of other ingredients.
Usage Guidelines – The capsules should be taken two times per day with meals. The recommended dose is two to four capsules per day and diet and exercise is recommended.

Where to Buy Silvets

Dieters who choose to try and lose weight faster with Silvets can make a purchase by visiting

Expect to pay around $50 per (60 capsule) bottle. There is also a special site for customers located in the UK. Seven more site options are available, including Polish, French, German, and Spanish.


Key Player does not offer customers a money back guarantee.

Silvets Customer Testimonials

Silvets UKWe were unable to find any customer reviews posted at unbiased sources, and the ones supplied on the official website do not appear to be credible.

All of the sites present the same two Silvets success stories and, although the before and after pictures look very impressive, the name and supposed location of the people changes from one site to the next.

According to the .com version, the woman who supposedly lost 60kg is named Jennifer Wilson and she comes from Houston. The French site says she is called Oriane Russeau and lives in Châteauroux. The Spanish site says she’s Ynes Zúñiga from Barcelona.

Side Effects of Silvets

The manufacturer says Silvets provides weight loss without side effects, but state the formulation is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

The Verdict

Silvets contains some good ingredients, but there is no way to ascertain if the formulation contains enough of each one to deliver good results.

The lack of reliable customer feedback makes it impossible to learn how the product has performed for the people who have bought it in the past. The customer success stories supplied by Key Player can safely be ignored.

Testimonials placed on manufacturer’s websites are often hand-picked and are too biased to be relied upon. In this case, the name changing shows a flair for dishonesty.

We cannot say Silvets won’t assist weight loss, but there are more credible options available, that have good customer feedback and a money back guarantee, so the smart money will probably go elsewhere.

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