Ketone Slim XT Review – Raspberry Ketone Diet Pill

Ketone SLim XT bottlesKetone Slim XT is a diet pill that can only be purchased from the people who are marketing the product, but none of the official websites (we found several) provide any information about the company or where they are based.

This in itself is a cause for concern, but the biggest problem of all is the company’s use of an automated billing and shipping process that many customers are unaware about until large amounts of money begin disappearing from their accounts.

There are numerous complaints about this available to read online and, with an ongoing charge of £92.78 being applied to customers’ accounts every 30 days, a lot of people have plenty to say about the product and none of it is good.

Ketone Slim XT Marketing Practices

Xetone Slim Website UKVisitors to any of the official websites will find they are unable to purchase a bottle of Ketone Slim XT. The only option is to sign up for a free trial bottle and pay for the postage costs using a credit or debit card. The total expense involved appears to be £3.95, and that’s not bad at all, but the hard-to-find small print, that is only available in the final stages of the ordering process, states “This twelve month program will charge £92.78 monthly (every 30 days) for your trial of Ketone Slim XT on the 14th day and ship a full-size bottle of Ketone Slim XT every 30 days for the duration of twelve full months from the date of sign up.”

Some of the promotional material also makes misleading statements about the product:

“Lisa Lynn, a personal trainer who was promoting the supplement on The Dr. Oz Show, said she has been positive results in clients in as few as five days.” 

The above statement is true enough apart from one thing. The lady in question was referring to raspberry ketone (the ingredient), not Ketone Slim XT.

Promised Benefits

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Stop feeling hungry
  • Eat less, feel better
  • Lose weight automatically

What is Ketone Slim XT and how does it Work 

Ketone SLim Xt boxAccording to the marketing material, Ketone Slim XT works by melting away body fat and suppressing the appetite. There are any number of diet products that are designed provide exactly the same benefits.

People who consume fewer calories per day may fail to provide the body with the amount of calories it requires, thereby forcing the body into fat burning mode. Raspberry ketone is known to provide such a benefit. It is also known to be capable of producing other changes within the body that trick it into initiating fat burning prematurely.

Unfortunately the Ketone Slim XT formulation contains several other ingredients that may dilute its powers, so the chance of weight loss could be dramatically reduced.

Key Ingredients

The Ketone Slim XT websites fail to provide a full ingredient profile, but a page on one of the sites lists six ingredient that are apparently incorporated into the formulation. The inclusion rates are unknown and it is entirely possible that the blend may also contain further, unspecified ingredients.

  • Raspberry Ketones: The powerful weight loss-enhancing abilities of raspberry ketone first came to light when the American TV personality Dr Oz promoted the ingredient during one of his shows. It provides appetite suppression and can trigger fat burning by boosting adiponectin levels. However this can only be achieved if a sufficient quantity is provided and the amount used here is unknown.
  • Green Tea Extract: A diet pill regular, green tea contains catechins that provide thermogenic fat burning.
  • Kelp: An ingredient that can support healthy thyroid function by providing iodine. The thyroid gland produces hormones that directly affect the metabolism, but the ingredient can prove dangerous if provided in too high a quantity, so the lack of inclusion rates here is particularly worrying.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: A stimulant that can provide appetite suppression and boost the metabolism. However, overly high doses can trigger unpleasant side effects, so once again the lack of inclusion rates is an issue.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Some people believe apple cider vinegar can trigger fat burning, but the lack of scientific proof makes the belief little more than an old wives’ tale.
  • Grapefruit Pectin: Grapefruit is a source of naringin, which is often credited with metabolism boosting abilities, but may function better as a diuretic.

Usage Instructions

None of the Ketone Slim XT websites provide any information about how to use the product. Users are merely advised to follow the instructions on the packaging.

Customer Feedback

The only feedback available comes courtesy of the various sites where customers have left warnings and complaints about the trial offer/automated billing scheme.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The lack of information available about the ingredients used makes it impossible to say what side effects use of the product may or may not entail. Anyone who purchases Ketone Slim XT is advised to show the bottle to their doctor prior to taking any pills and request confirmation the blend is safe to use.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Ketone Slim XT is only available via the “free trial” offer. However, the true cost of the product is £92.78 per month.

The Bottom Line

There can be no doubt as to raspberry ketones’ potential as a weight loss provider, but the amount used in the Ketone Slim XT is unknown, so the blend may fail to work in the desired way and does not compare well to some of the products produced by reputable manufacturers, such as Evolution Slimming’s Raspberry Ketone Plus. However, even if Ketone Slim XT was known to be the most effective diet product in the world, we could never endorse any product that is marketed in a way that misleads customers into paying unexpected charges. Ketone Slim XT is not a recommended product.

Recommended Alternative

Raspberry Ketone from Evolution SlimmingIf you are searching for a raspberry ketone product the Evolution Slimming’s Raspeberry Ketone Plus is a product that is highly recommended.

Evolution Slimming is arguably the UK’s best known online distributor and stockists of diet and health products. Raspberry Ketone Plus is their flagship product.

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