Phen375 v PhenQ – 2 Phentermine Alternatives Comapared

PhenQ V Phen375. A few months ago I realized I’d gained a little extra blubber around my midsection. My best friend Mark had the same problem, but that’s not surprising we’d just got back from a three week stay in Portugal.

The food was cheap, the beer was too, and I guess we overdid it a bit with both. I gained 10lbs and he gained 9lbs. When we got home we both returned to our normal routines and found it hard to ditch the extra poundage. We checked on line and a lot of people seemed to have good things to say about PhenQ. There was also a good buzz for Phen375 so we thought it would be interesting to see which one is the better weight loss pill. I wanted to try PhenQ, so Mark used Phen375.

PhenQ V Phen375

What We Did

We took the pills for 30 days without altering our normal routines.

About Us

We work at the same steel plant, eat similar diets, and train together four nights a week at the gym. We are pretty equally matched as far as strength and size go.

PhenQ V Phen375 – About the Pills

Neither of us claim to be experts on diet pills, but from what we can see the pills are pretty equally matched as well. Both of them are produced by well respected companies and they have a similar price. Phen375 costs £45.45 and PhenQ costs 50p more. Both products have a money back guarantee, but the Phen375 is only for 30 days. The PhenQ guarantee lasts for 60 days. Apart from that the only differences are the ingredients used and the way the pills help you to lose weight.

How PhenQ Helps You To Lose Weight

·      Appetite suppression

·      Extra energy

·      Fat burning

·      Mood enhancement

·      Prevents new fat cells growing

How Phen375 Helps You To Lose Weight

·      Appetite suppression

·      Extra energy

·      Faster metabolism

As you can see, both pills are supposed to suppress the appetite and give extra energy, but PhenQ offers a couple of extra benefits. That might make PhenQ seem like the best product right from the get-go, but we read lots of reviews written by people who had taken Phen375 and lost a lot of weight. People were leaving similar reviews for PhenQ and nobody was mentioning any side effects for either product.

List of ingredients Used in PhenQ

·      L Carnitine Furmarate (burns fat, stops you feeling tired, and helps put you in a good mood).
·      Caffeine (give you extra energy, suppresses the appetite and burns fat)
·      Chromium Picolinate (stops you wanting sugary food)
·      Calcium Carbonate (stops new fat cells growing)

·      Capsimax Powder (for fat burning)
·      a-LACYS RESET (for fat burning)

·      Nopal (fat blocker and appetite suppressant)

List of Ingredients Used in Phen375

·      L-Carnitine (burns fat, gives you energy, and helps put you in a good mood)

·      Caffeine Anhydrous (give you extra energy, suppresses the appetite and burns fat)

·      Chromium Picolinate (stops you wanting sugary food)
·      Calcium (stops new fat cells growing)

·      Cayenne Pepper (for fat burning)

·      Dendrobium Nobile Orchid Extract (helps the digestion)

(*These ingredients are only used in Europe. If you live in America there are some differences)

PhenQ V Phen375 – How it all Panned Out

Both pills are designed to be used with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Me and Mark had that right from the get go, along with similar lifestyles. The only difference was Mark wast taking Phen375 two times a day and I was taking PhenQ. After 30 days we both had empty bottles and stepped on the scales.

Mark had lost 12lbs and I’d lost 16lbs. So PhenQ appears to be a slightly more powerful product. We sat down and talked about this and think the reason PhenQ outperformed Phen375 may be because it has Nopal to block fat.

Although me and Mark eat healthy, we do eat some foods (red meats margarine etc.) that contain fat. The Nopal in PhenQ may have prevented me from absorbing as much fat as normal. According to this article a gram of fat contains 9 calories so, even with a low fat diet, it would make a big difference in 30 days. So our 30 day independent study tells us this: Phen375 works, but PhenQ works that little bit better.