NitroSlim Review – with Coleus Forskohlii

NitroSlim ReviewNitroSlim is a weight loss product marketed by a company called Nutralife Solution Limited, nothing is known about them other than they maintain a mailing address in London. The website homepage is written in English, but the site offers several duplicate pages written in other languages, one of which is designed to hook-in customers based in France.

The product is marketed in a manner that suggests it provides 100% Coleus Forskohlii, and the ingredient has such a good reputation for delivering weight loss results that could prove to be a major selling point. However, the manufacturer fails to provide a full ingredient profile or even state how much Coleus Forskohlii each capsule contains, so it is possible the blend may contain an insufficient amount or have additional ingredients that could weaken its power.

What Are The Benefits of NitroSlim

  • Melts away body fat
  • Increases energy levels
  • Encourages natural weight loss
  • Improved muscle growth

What Are The Ingredients

Other than the fact Coleus Forskohlii appears to be the main ingredient, nothing is known about the blend.

coleus_forskohlii for weight lossColeus Forskohlii is a versatile plant extract that is capable of boosting testosterone levels and encouraging fat burning. This combination of benefits has resulted in Coleus Forskohlii being included in numerous supplements and it is especially favoured by members of the bodybuilding community.

Apart from encouraging the growth of quality muscle tissue, increasing levels of testosterone also supports improved fat burning. However, the fat burning potential of Coleus Forskohlii does not rely on this alone, the ingredient also has the ability to activate adenylate cyclase (an enzyme) and this, in turn, encourages the release of lipoproteins that assist the breakdown of dietary fats and ensure they are burned for energy instead of being stored as body fat.

For the purpose of one study (later published in Obesity), researchers recruited a group of 30 obese male volunteers and gave 15 of them daily doses of Coleus Forskohlii (250mg, twice per day). The other 15 volunteers received a placebo. When the researchers examined the resulting data at the end of the 12-week study period they discovered the men who received the supplement twice per day had attained a much greater degree of fat loss than the men who received the placebo.

Usage Instructions

The NitroSlim website does not provide any instructions about the way the product should be used.

Customer Feedback

The NitroSlim website contains just one testimonial, attributed to a 26-year-old woman from Bordeaux, and includes impressive before and after photographs. The woman apparently lost 5kg in 30 days, but the statement “the consumer testimony presented here is real” is questionable to say the least because the impressive photograph is a stock item at and has been purchased and used by the manufacturers of several competing weight loss products.

NitroSlim Side Effects

No side effects are mentioned, but NitroSlim is not likely to be suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. People who have existing health issues should seek medical advice before taking any form of weight loss supplement. The same advice is offered to people who are taking medication or plan to use NitroSlim alongside another brand of supplement.

Where to Buy NitroSlim

NitroSlim is only available via the product website, but it is not possible to purchase a bottle of pills in the normal manner. Dieters who wish to try the product are encouraged to accept the offer of a free trail instead and supply their credit or debit card details to prove their identity. Many site visitors may do so without reading the small print or checking the site’s terms and conditions page. This could prove to be a costly mistake.

NitroSlim Website

Anyone who accepts a trail bottle of pills is accepting a free trial membership of a weight loss support site and, if the membership trial is not cancelled in good time, customers will discover their card has been debited with a charge of €89.97 to pay for a two-month subscription. This charge will be repeated every two months until the agreement is cancelled by the card holder.

Many unscrupulous diet pill marketing companies use similar tactics to trick customers into signing up for an autoship program that results in them being supplied with a fresh batch of pills every month with a corresponding charge of around €100 being applied to their cards. This situation situation puts a fresh spin on an old trick, and it seems likely some form of monthly charge will apply for fresh pills as well, but the NitroSlim website contains no information about this or how much a bottle of pills actually costs.

Recommended Alternative

Buy PhenQ in the UKAlthough the ingredient Coleus Forskohlii is recommended we do not recommend this particular brand. If you want to buy a diet pills that is not only effective but has an impeccable reputation then PhenQ should be given serious thought.

PhenQ offers customers a 60 day money back peace of mind guarantee and ships to all countries with a zero delivery charge.

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