Lipozene UK Review – How does it work, side effects, customer complaints

Lipozene diet pillsLipozene is a supplement designed to suppress the user’s appetite and help them to lose weight.

The capsules are manufactured in America by Obesity Research LLC, and the majority of product marketing is done via the official Lipozene website.

Lipozene have been in circulation for several years and had a good reputation as far as its customers are concerned –  this was until recently when it has come to our attention that websites such as “pissedconsumer” have highlighted several complaints.

 Lipozene-websiteLipozene has been in existence for several years and has been well regarded within the industry. However, recent customer testimonies and feedback have changed our opinion.

We sincerely hope that this is just a glitch and Lipozene can return to being a high profile  and positive commercial choice

Lipozene has never featured on our top product recommendations though.

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What Is Lipozene and How Does It Work?

Appetite suppressantLipozene is an appetite suppressant. Appetite suppressants assist weight loss by removing or lessening the desire for food. Once the desire for food has been diminished dieters are less likely to consume more calories than their body needs. If the body is not bombarded with extra calories further weight gain is unlikely, and if the body fails to get enough calories that is better still because fat burning will be initiated to release stored calories that can be used as a source of energy.

Appetite suppression can be triggered in different ways, Lipozene works by promoting a feeling of fullness in the stomach.

Whats In Lipozene – Key Ingredients

glucomannanLipozene contains only one ingredient. It’s a fibrous substance, called glucomannan, sourced from the roots of the konjac plant. Its real power as an appetite suppressant stems from its ability to soak up large amounts of moisture. For this reason supplements that contain glucomannan are always taken with plenty of water. Once the water arrives in the stomach the glucomannan fibres absorb it, expand considerably, and fill the stomach. This leaves little room for food and the brain is then signalled the stomach is full, causing it to supress the desire to eat.

Glucomannan is a popular appetite suppressing ingredient that can be found in a number of other weight loss products so Lipozene is not a unique product in any way. It will probably supply appetite suppression, but some other glucomannan providers can provide the same appetite suppression benefits at a fraction of the price and often provide additional benefits such as fat burning.

How to Take Lipozene

The recommended dose is two capsules, taken three times a day, half an hour before eating a meal. Each two capsule dose provides 1,500mg of glucomannan and should be swallowed with at least 8oz of water.

Deceptive Marketing Practices

The Lipozene website states the product has been clinically proven to provide weight loss, but this is not the case. Anyone who takes careful note of the provided information will realize the studies referred to were conducted on glucomannan [the ingredient] not Lipozene.

Glucomannan is a powerful appetite suppressing ingredient, but some manufacturers fail to fully harness the powers of their chosen ingredients so a good ingredient does not always guarantee an effective product. The fact that the manufacturers are willing to employ such a misleading technique in this instance also raises concerns about the credibility of the other information presented on the Lipozene website and, indeed, the integrity of the company.

Lipozene Customer Feedback

The Lipozene website contains a number of positive testimonials that are credited to satisfied product users who wish to say “thank you so much”. One user reports a weight loss of 4lbs. in the first week, another claims a weight loss of over 15lbs., but some users are not so impressed and one user states “I must say I have been on Lipozene for 9 days and I’ve lost nothing.”

Independent reviews are harder to find and tend to paint the product in a negative light.

One review reads:

“Lipozene didn’t do anything for me. No weight lost at all. What a waste of money. Don’t buy it.”

Worst of all are the dozens of complaints on consumer interest website pissedconsumer

Lipozene Side Effects

According to the Lipozene website the formulation can provide side effect-free weight loss when used in the recommended manner, but the manufacturer also recommends all customers consult a doctor before using their product. This is particularly good advice for anyone who has known health issues and for pregnant or nursing mothers, who should never take any form of supplement unless its use has been given prior approval by their GP.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

The manufacturers only ship to addresses in the US and Canada so Lipozene is very hard to get hold of in the UK. In fact, eBay appears to be the only source of supply and buying from eBay is not recommended because it is impossible to say whether Lipozene purchased in this manner will be the real deal or a copycat product.

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