6 Week Bikini Body Diet Review – Nutrologie Lipo tablets, Meta-Lite casules and meal replacements

6 week bikini body reviewThe 6 Week Bikini Body diet is a crash-dieting system launched in 2010 by the British Company Nutrologie.

Helped by a memorable TV advertising campaign that featured a bikini-clad office worker it was an instant success and soon became the quickest selling weight loss system in the country.

“Feel the real you this summer with the 6 Week Bikini Diet,” the advertisement promised, but there are no prizes available for those who guess this is a weight loss product designed strictly for the girls.

Nutrologie websiteThe 6 Week Bikini Body Diet from Nutrologie consists of fat burners, diet shakes, metabolism boosters and exercise plan and and eating plan.

Nutrologie seem to have all bases covered but critics have been quick to point out that there is just much going on

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What is the 6 Week Bikini Body Diet and how does it Work?

Nutrologie created the 6 Week Bikini Body Diet to provide fast weight loss results to women who wish to shape-up for the summer and enjoy their holiday beach time and pool time without having to be ashamed of their bikini bodies. If the marketing is to be believed a bikini body to proud of should be attainable in just six weeks, but crash dieting methods of any kind are frowned upon by many medical professionals and the NHS does not advise losing more than 2lbs per week.

6 Week Bikini Body Diet Pros and Cons at a Glance

The Pros The Cons
·       Provides an all-around approach to weight loss
·       Utilizes fitness and diet plans developed by professionals in the field.
·       The supplements contain some good ingredients
·       Some customers say they have attained good results
·       Crash dieting is not recommended by the NHS
·       Crash dieting may cause some people to feel unwell
·       Some customers state the 6 Week Bikini Body Diet let them down
·       Requires an initial investment of nearly £100
·       Lack of a money back guarantee

Nutrologie diet pillsIn the case of the 6 Week Bikini Body Diet the promised fast weight loss is provided via several supplements that should be used alongside the included diet and fitness plans that are a crucial part of the system.

The diet plan was developed by nutrition expert Nadia Mason and provides more than 60 bikini-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Nutrologie recruited celebrity trainer, Lex Dunn, to put together the fitness plan and it should be possible to complete the workouts in less than 45 minutes.

Nutritional support is provided via four supplements which need to be incorporated into the daily routine.

  • Lipo Tablets: Studies conducted at the American University of Paris suggest the flavonoids, anthocyanins, and other fat burners the lipo tablets provide can ensure fast weight loss by boosting the metabolism and initiating the fat burning process.
  • Detox Tablets: The detox tablets contain herbal extracts, dietary fibre, and healthy bacteria that have been chosen to boost the overall health and ensure 6 Week Bikini dieters feel as good as they hope to look.
  • Meal Replacement Shakes: One meal each day should be replaced with a shake. The shakes are available in two flavour choices and are designed to suppress the appetite by causing a feeling of fullness in the stomach.
  • Meta-Lite Capsules: These are designed to be used as a pre-training aid and, if they work in the promised manner, they should boost workout capabilities and ensure faster fat metabolism.

Key Ingredients

The four supplements that are so important to the 6 Week Bikini Body Diet contain a large number of ingredients. The value of some of the inclusions is highly debatable, but a few of the ingredients used in the Meta-Lite capsules are known to be very effective weight loss providers

The ones of particular note are:

  • Green Tea Extract: A powerful weight loss provider that can boost the metabolism and accelerate the fat burning process. Green tea is also a source of antioxidants that can improve the health and protect against diseases.
  • Cayenne Powder: A number of studies support the metabolism boosting and fat burning abilities of cayenne. Like the chilies it is derived from it is a hot property and some researchers have noted its presence in the body cause calories to be burned up to 12 times faster than normal.
  • Black Pepper: Researchers have discovered black pepper contains an alkaloid called piperine that boosts the metabolism and is useful for supporting the fat burning process.

6 Week Bikini Body testimonial

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is predominantly good.

“I dropped 2 dress sizes and got back into dress I never thought I would never wear again.”

One customer enthuses.

“I dropped a stone and a half and my boyfriend is over the moon with my new look,” boasts another bikini dieter.

But not every user is as happy with the results, as illustrated by the comment below.

“I have been on this for 3 weeks now and still can’t see any difference.”

6 Week Bikini Diet Side Effects

None of the ingredients are known to be particularly problematic, but rapid weight lost systems can be hard on the body and the reduction of calories their use entails may result in dieters experiencing unpleasant reactions that could include dizziness and/or feelings of weakness.

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should consult their GP before attempting the 6 Week Bikini Body Diet . Potential dieters who have any health issues or concerns should also discuss the matter with their GP before getting too excited over the prospect of a new and improved bikini body.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

The 6 Week Bikini Body Diet can only be purchased via the Nutrologie website and from Holland & Barrett stores. The RRP is £99.99, but Nutrolgie makes the valid argument that this equates to less than £2.38 per day and point out this is less than the cost of a sandwich.

Once again this is a good argument, and any consumer who swaps their lunchtime sandwich for a shake will probably consider they have got a pretty good deal, but potential customers need to be aware the 6 Week Bikini Body Diet is sold without a money back guarantee.

Looking Elsewhere – Other Diet Pills To Consider

PhenQ how does it workAs we have mentioned above there are are several good elements to the 6 Week Bikini Body – but its just too complicated. Simplicity is key.

We prefer PhenQ + Sensible diet + more mobility. Its not rocket science although some manufacturers would have us believe it is.

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