Konjac Forte – Appetite Suppressant with Konjac

Konjac ForteKonjac Forte is a diet pill marketed by SC Santex Fit. The company is based in Romania and provides customers with easy contact options, but very little is known about SC Santex Fit and it is unclear whether they only distribute the pills or are responsible for the manufacturing process as well.

As the name suggests, the main ingredient is Konjac (glucomannan), but SC Santex Fit fails to provide much information about the formulation. The konjac inclusion rate is not known and it is unclear whether it is the only ingredient. This is a cause for concern because although konjac has scientifically proven appetite suppressing abilities its powers could be severely hindered if it is diluted with other ingredients.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Konjac Forte

  • Neutralizes fats

How the Formulation Works

Much of the Konjac Forte marketing material concerns the abilities of konjac rather than the abilities of the pills and some of the claims made cannot be justified.

The seven claims made for konjac are:

  1. Absorb up to 100 times its volume in liquid
  2. Provide a feeling of satiety
  3. Block dietary sugars
  4. Block fat
  5. Facilitate intestinal transit
  6. Destroy fats
  7. Regulate blood sugar levels

The first two claims are true and can be backed by scientific research. Konjac is one of the safest and most efficient appetite suppressants available. The rest of the claims cannot be substantiated.

In 2010, the European Food Safety Authority (efsa) examined all the claims made for konjac (glucomannnan), along with the scientific evidence presented to support them. In most cases the efsa concluded a “cause and effect relationship” could not be found. However the efsa decided konjac does have the ability to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. The panel of investigators also agreed with the claims made for konjac’s ability to reduce body weight (when used alongside an energy-restricted diet). However the panel pointed out the need for a dose of at least 3g of konjac (3 x 1g doses per day) consumed with 1 to 2 glasses of water before meals.

Konjac Forte What Does It Do

What Are The Ingredients

Konjac is the only ingredient disclosed, but that does not mean the pills do not contain secondary ingredients and we have to wonder why SC Santex Fit is so secretive about the konjac inclusion rate.

What Is KonjacKonjac –  is a perennial plant native to many Asian countries. It is known by many names including Elephant Yam and Devil’s Tongue, but diet supplement manufacturers usually refer to it as konjac or glucomannan. The roots of the plant provide a natural fibre that is highly hygroscopic and can soak up large amounts of liquid very quickly. Konjac fibres are also extremely low in calories.

When people consume an adequate amount of konjac root fibres with a sufficient amount of water the fibres absorb the moisture and expand inside the stomach. This decreases the amount of space available for food and suppresses the appetite in a safe and natural way, allowing the user to decrease their calorie intake without being plagued by feelings of hunger.

Konjac Forte Usage Guidelines

SC Santex Fit fails to provide any information about how many tablets should be taken per day or if any special rules need to be followed when taking them. But a 90-tablet bottle of pills is considered sufficient for 30 days, so it is probably safe to assume the dosage is one tablet, three times per day.

Customer Testimonials

The Konjac Forte website contains two testimonials that are attributed to satisfied product users. One is from a woman who states Konjac Forte enabled her to lose 21kg. The other testimonial is provided by woman who claims the product helped her to shed 45kg of unwanted body fat. Both stories are impressive, but testimonials posted on websites that are designed to procure sales cannot be relied upon for accuracy and SC Santex Fit admit they pay for customer testimonials.

Side Effects & Health Considerations

The Konjac Forte website does not mention any side effects or specific health considerations, but pregnant or nursing mothers should never take any form of supplement without the prior approval of their doctor. The same advice holds true for people who have existing health problems or are taking medication.

Where to Buy Konjac Forte

Konjac Forte is only available from the product website and it is possible to buy a 15-day supply for €17.50. Alternatively, customers can commit a little extra cash and purchase a 30 day supply of tablets for €33. A 60-day supply costs €44 and a 90-day supply has a price tag of €50.50.

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