Curb Appetite Suppressant Review – Pros and Cons With Customer Comments

Curb Appetite SuppressantCurb Appetite Suppressant is a diet pill manufactured in the USA by VHCeuticals and marketed under the VH Nutrition brand name.

As with any appetite suppressant, Curb is designed to quell the hunger pangs that make it so hard to stick to a calorie controlled diet.

According to the label, the formulation can also deliver a few other useful benefits as well:

  • Stimulates fat metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves the mood

If the claims hold true, it would mean that customers should start to burn body fat more efficiently, while also avoiding the feelings of lethargy that can sometimes be brought on by a lowered calorie intake. If the pills can enhance the mood this will further smooth the dieting process by preventing users from succumbing to diet-related irritability.

Curb Appetite Suppressant

Ingredients – What’s In The Formula

Two Curb Appetite Suppressant capsules provide 1459 mg of a proprietary blend that consists of unspecified amounts of the following seven ingredients:

  • Green Tea: Scientific research conducted in Europe proves the value of green tea as a fat burner and weight loss enhancer, but good results will require an adequate inclusion rate.
  • Yerba Mate:       An ingredient taken from a South American plant. It has value as a weight loss aid because it contains caffeine, but it is not a particularly rich source. Caffeine can boost energy levels, and it is also a proven fat burner, but a high dose of yerba would be required to deliver good results.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: A popular fruit extract that improves the mood by stimulating elevated serotonin (feel good hormone) levels. Garcinia cambogia further assists weight loss by discouraging the formation of fresh fat cells..
  • Irvingia Gabonesis: Probably better known as African mango, like garcinia cambogia, irvingia gabonesis is a fruit-based ingredient. Its ability to reduce body fat has been scientifically proven, but good results require two 150mg doses per day and it is questionable whether a dose of Curb will provide this amount.
  • Hoodia Gordonii: A succulent plant extract that is often credited with appetite suppressing abilities. Further study is warranted though, and some people do not tolerate hoodia gordonii well.
  • Bitter Orange: A fruit extract that provides a stimulant called synephrine. Scientific research suggests a combination of synephrine and caffeine (caffeine 132-528mg/day + synephrine 10-53mg/day) can increase calorie expenditure, but the main caffeine provider in the blend is yerba mate and it is unlikely to supply a sufficient amount.
  • Dandelion Root: A diuretic that may produce a sudden decrease in weight by causing the body to retain less water. This is a temporary effect, that will be lost as soon as supplementation is stopped, and should not be confused with fat loss.
How to Use – The label states two capsules should be consumed with water every four to six hours, or whenever appetite control is needed, but warns against taking more than six capsules in any 24-hour period.

Curb Appetite Suppressant Customer Testimonials

Curb Appetite Suppressant has received a lot of glowing reviews from Amazon customers, but many of the reviewers state they were given discounts in exchange for their reviews and some customers even admit they enticed into leaving feedback because they were given the pills for free. Although this cannot be technically classed as feedback manipulation, it does cast a doubt over the honesty of the reviews.

Two positive reviews read:

“This is a good diet pill that really kicks the hunger pangs into touch. I have been taking them for a month and have already lost 8 pounds.”
“If you are finding it hard to resist eating food these pills are the business. They are not hard to swallow and make it super easy to eat smaller portions without feeling hungry all day. I recommend Curb Appetite Suppressant for anyone who wants to lose weight fast without side effects.”

Two negative reviews read:

“If you want to waste your money on diet pills that don’t work you won’t find a better choice than Curb. Just take the pills and keep on giving in to the hunger urges, Curb won’t get in your way.”
“Absolutely the most useless diet pill I have ever tried. It didn’t stop me from feeling hungry and it didn’t help me to lose weight. No wonder there isn’t a guarantee.”

Side Effects & Health Considerations

The manufacturer points out the wisdom of seeking a doctor’s advice prior to commencing use of the capsules or starting a weight loss routine. Customers are also warned not to use Curb Appetite Suppressant alongside other stimulants or products that contain them.

Where to Buy Curb Appetite Suppressant

Customers living in the UK will probably find the easiest way to buy Curb Appetite Suppressant is via Amazon. A bottle of pills contains 60 capsules and the price is £19.99. That’s not particularly expensive, but potential customers need to be aware the product is not backed by a manufacturer’s money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Although Curb Appetite Suppressant contains ingredients that may be able to support the manufacturer’s claims for the product, the inclusion rates are questionable and the fact that a lot of Amazon customers say the product let them down casts a further shadow over the blend’s ability to deliver good results.

PhenQ bottleIt’s true that the product has received far more positive reviews, but many of the customers who left them had an incentive to speak well of the pills.

Curb Appetite Suppressant will probably offer some level of weight loss benefit, but there is no money back guarantee and the product lacks the credentials of our recommended product, PhenQ, which has a good reputation for getting results and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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