XYZ Smart Collagen Review with Before and After Pics

XYZ Collagen CreamXYZ Smart Collagen is a natural skincare product developed by Wolfson Berg.

It’s primarily marketed towards people who are looking for a collagen cream that will help them look younger and rid them of the fine lines and wrinkles that are a natural result of the ageing process.

XYZ Smart Collagen has proven to be very effective in this regard, but the cream has other uses as well.

It’s also good for managing the appearance of stretch marks and for encouraging faster skin healing after a tattoo.

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Tests show the cream works and some of the likely benefits provided include:

  • Wrinkle reduction (138%)
  • Increased skin firmness (84%)
  • Facial collagen increase (100%)
  • Skin texture improvement (137%)
  • Diminished stretch marks (212%)

There are a lot of collagen creams on the market, but XYZ Smart Collagen has succeed in getting an unusual amount of media attention and it has been featured in many respected women’s magazines, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, and Elle.

What Makes XYZ Smart Collagen Different From Other Products?

XYZ Smart Collagen how it worksCollagen is the protein that keeps young skin so firm and gives it the resilience necessary to avoid wrinkles. It’s produced by cells (fibroblasts) located just beneath the skin’s surface, but collagen production rates decrease with age.

All collagen creams are designed to penetrate the skin and provide the fibroblasts with compounds that stimulate increased collagen production. XYZ Smart Collagen stands out from many other collagen beauty creams because it contains a particularly effective ingredient.

There are a few other creams that contain the same ingredient, but XYZ Smart Collagen still has an advantage because the extract it contains has been extracted by cold pressing.

The ingredients used in beauty products are generally refined using methods that involve so much heat and oxygen some of the active compounds are destroyed. Cold pressing is unheard off in the beauty cream business, but it is often the preferred method in the juicing industry because juice manufacturers are keen to retain as many nutrients as possible.

XYZ Smart Collagen is also a vegan friendly product. This may not be a major consideration for most people but, for the 375 million vegetarians in the world, the lack of animal extracts will be an absolute must.

A Closer Look at the Formulation

Bulbine frutescens creamXYZ Smart Collagen contains bulbine frutescens. It’s a natural ingredient extracted from the leaves of a plant. Its use as a healing compound in South Africa stretches back through many generations and it continues to be a the driving force in many herbal preparations designed to heal damaged or irritated skin.

The reason for this ability can be explained by science. Skin heals more quickly when a sufficient supply of high quality collagen is available. Bulbine frutescens has the ability to stimulate the fibroblasts sufficiently to provide it. This ability can be backed up by a number of scientific studies.

One of the more interesting ones was conducted at the University of the Witwatersrand, in South Africa, and shows bulbine frutescens produces “a significant increase in collage protein and DNA”.

Further Proof the Formulation Works

For the purposes of an early clinical trial, 21 women (aged 45 to 65) treated their skin with XYZ Smart Collagen. They applied the cream two times each day for 12 weeks. A dermatoligist monitored the results of the treatment and confirmed use of the cream had caused the women’s skin to show a noticeable improvement.

The results of a more unusual experiment suggest use of the formulation can make people appear 7.5 years younger in just 12 weeks. Two groups of women were involved in the experiment.

XYZ Smart Collagen before and after pics

Both groups were shown a picture of the same woman. The only difference between the two pictures was the first one was taken before XYZ Smart Collagen usage commenced and the second one was taken after 12 weeks of treatment.

The women who looked at the first picture thought the woman appeared to be 56.5 years old. This was indeed her correct age. The women who looked at the second picture said they thought the woman was 45.

Usage Guidelines

  • For stretch marks and painful tattooed skin: Rub the cream into the affected area two times each day—once in the morning and once each night.
  • For crow’s feet, wrinkles, saggy skin and other signs of ageing: Apply the cream to the neck and face once in the morning then again on the night. A gentle upwards massaging motion is recommended, being careful to avoid the tear ducts and lower eyelids.

The Conclusion

XYZ Smart Collagen is not a hard product to review. There can be no doubt about its potency because it only contains one active ingredient and it’s a compound with proven collagen boosting abilities.

The extract has also been refined in a way that guarantees none of its natural abilities are lost. The two tests conducted on the cream offer further proof that it works and the price is very reasonable. XYZ Smart Collagen gets top marks. It’s possible a stronger collagen cream may be developed at some time in the future, but this one is going to take some beating.

Availability and Pricing

XYZ Collagen CreamXYZ Smart Collagen is only available via the official product website and a 50ml pot of cream usually retails for £39.99.

The official website has been translated into may languages and all the majore currencies are accepted $, €, CA$, AU$ and £

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