Belly Blaster PM Review, Fat Loss Formula – Positives and Negatives

Belly Blaster PMBelly Blaster PM is an American made diet pill that is designed to help people lose weight while they are asleep.

The promised benefits are:

  • Supports the metabolism
  • Promotes a natural sleep cycle
  • Burns fat while sleeping with appetite suppressing, concentrated extract

Appetite suppression is a strange benefit to boast about for a night-time blend because people don’t tend to do a lot of eating while they are flat on their backs bagging Zs.

However, if the formulation can speed up the metabolism in the promised manner it will encourage the body to burn calories faster than normal.

Many weight loss supplements work in this way, the only difference with Belly Blaster is it is designed to do it during periods of sleep and the blend contains a few ingredients that have been added to try and promote a better quality of sleep.

What Is In Belly Blaster PM

Each Belly Blaster capsule provides a dose of Vitamin D3 (1200IU). Although Vitamin D can be obtained from food, the body can also manufacture its own Vitamin D3 when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

However, a combination of poor dietary habits and the use of sun screen has caused many people to become Vitamin D3 deficient. It’s an important nutrient and the body uses it in many ways, but it is probably added here because scientific study suggests people who are Vitamin D3 deficient are more likely to become obese.

The rest of the ingredients are housed in proprietary blends.

Belly Blaster Pm Formula

Belly Blaster PM Neurotransmitter Support Blend (20mg)

  • L-Tryptophan: An essential amino acid the body uses to produce serotonin. The pineal gland uses serotonin to manufacture melatonin, which is known to promote healthy sleep.
  • Melatonin: As already stated, melatonin is the sleep hormone. The body produces less during the early morning and afternoon, but the amount increases during the evening to prepare the body for sleep.

Belly Blaster PM Metabolism Support Blend (620mg)

  • Raspberry Ketones: A phenol that occurs naturally in raspberries and some other fruits. Raspberry ketones has a good reputation for delivering fast weight loss results. It achieves this by helping to suppress the appetite and encouraging the body to begin burning its fat.
  • White Kidney Bean: This is a strange inclusion for a blend that appears to be designed to support metabolic function because white kidney bean is a carb blocking ingredient. Each gram of carbohydrate that is consumed provides the body with four calories and they soon mount up. White kidney bean interferes with the normal function of the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates for digestion. This causes them to pass through the body without releasing all of their nutrients or calories.
  • Green Coffee Bean: Green coffee beans contain the fat burning chemical chlorogenic acid. The ingredient also appears to be useful for helping to control blood sugar levels and keeping cravings under control.
  • Saffron Flower: Although some evidence suggests supplementation with saffron may help dull the appetite, the effective dose appears to 176.5 mg per day and there is no way of knowing if the amount provided here is sufficient.
  • Lemon Balm: An ingredient that is believed to offer a calming effect. It has no relationship with the metabolism and would be a much better candidate for the Neurotransmitter Support Blend.
Usage Instructions – One capsule is required 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Belly Blaster PM Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed. Some people say the formulation works, others say it does not, and the honesty of some of the five star reviews may be questionable because Belly Blaster has provided some customers with discounts in exchange for their testimonials.

A few average reviews read:

“Good stuff!!!! I’ve lost 28lbs in 10 weeks and I love the idea of losing weight while I am sleeping.”
“Doesn’t work and really screwed up my sleep so I felt tired all day. There was no change to my energy levels or to my appetite and it did not help me to lose so much as an ounce in weight.”
“I love Belly Blaster because it is a natural weight loss product. It helps me relax and sleep better on a night. So far I’ve lost 7 pounds :-)”
“These pills did absolutely nothing for me, even though I was eating a healthy diet and followed the instructions. My sleep was no different to normal and I did not lose any weight. Please, don’t waste your money.”

Belly Blaster PM Side Effects

No side effects are mentioned, but even natural products have the potential to produce negative reactions because people can respond to the same ingredient in different ways.

As a matter of course, pregnant and nursing women should always avoid taking any supplement unless it has been approved by their doctor. The same advice is applicable to people who have existing health problems and anyone who is taking medication.

Where To Buy Belly Blaster PM

Belly Blaster appears to be sold exclusively via Amazon and customers can expect to pay $19:95 for 30 capsules or $36:95 for 60 capsules.


The manufacturer states there is a “100% money back guarantee”, but fails to state its duration or mention if any special considerations apply. However, customers who are unhappy with the product may also be able to obtain a refund via the Amazon returns policy.

Concluding Thoughts

The idea of weight loss while sleeping is very attractive but, although the Belly Blaster formulation contains a few reputable weight loss ingredients, it is unclear whether the amounts involved are sufficient, and the mix of good and bad customer feedback fails to shed any light on the product’s likely abilities.

It could be a case that it may work for some people better than others. People’s waking periods are longer than their sleep periods though, so a good (daytime) weight loss supplement will probably provide more credible results.

What Do We Recommend Instead

PhenQ bottleWe highly recommend PhenQ – there is no gimmick or special usage instructions with PhenQ just take twice a day at breakfast and lunch.

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