Adonia Tummy Tone – Billie Faiers is showcasing the body wrap

Adonia websiteAdonia Tummy Tone Serum is a topical application that is used as part of a home body wrap treatment and is designed to offer a temporary reduction in waist size.

The serum is produced in the USA by Greek Island Labs and marketed under Adonia Organics brand name. According to the marketing material users who apply the serum and use it in the recommended way can reduce their waist size by 2″ and the whole process takes less than an hour.

If you are serious about losing weight, fat burning in particular then a supplement combined with a healthy diet and exercise is the only way. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to rub a chemical into your midriff and expect the excess body fat to evaporate.

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Advertised benefits are:

  • Lift and tighten saggy skin
  • Reduce the appearance of your love handles

Billie Faiers Tummy ToneThe system has already proved to be very popular in the USA and has a number of celebrity fans, including Jena Sims from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Adonia Tummy Tone Serum is not without celebrity backing in the UK either.

Billie Faiers (The only Way is Essex) is so impressed by the product she has agreed to become its UK Ambassador, and told Daily Mail reporters “I would recommend it to anyone who needs that extra bit of help.”

Using the Serum & Applying the Wrap

Although the serum can be self-applied, most people may find it easier to recruit a friend to assist them with the body wrapping process.

  • Stage 1: Apply a generous amount of serum to the belly and love handles and massage it into the skin for one minute.
  • Stage 2: Apply a second helping of serum, but allow it to remain on the surface of the skin rather than massaging it in.
  • Stage 3: Apply the wrap. Three to four layers are required and the wrap should be stretched tight.
  • Stage 4: Lie down for 55 minutes and cover the belly with a blanket to keep the area warm.
  • Stage 5: Remove the wrap.

How the Process Works

Body wrap tummy tone form AdoniaThe Adonia Organics website offers very little information about how the process works, but the site has an embedded video demonstration, taken from the Rachel Ray Show (TV Series), that is more informative.

The show’s medical expert is shown applying the serum and wrap to the belly of a middle aged woman, who walks onto the stage an hour later with a visibly less saggy-looking stomach.

The measurements showed a waist size reduction of 2″. The doctor then told Rachel Ray the serum contains moisturisers and essential oils, to improve skin quality, and capsicum to improve circulation and help the treated area to lose “water weight”.

Key Ingredients

Capsaicin Grapefruit Oil
Dandelion Lemon Oil
Cinnamon Bark Oil Fennel Oil
Cypress Oil Orange Oil
Peppermint Oil Evening Primrose Oil
Clary Sage Oil Oxygenated Plant Stem Cell Culture Blend
Juniper Oil Geranium Oil
Ginger Oil

Scientific Study

What the Scientists Say about Adonia Tummy Tone Serum One study suggests topical applications of capsaicin (the active ingredient in capsicum peppers) may increase blood flow, but did not explore the effects this may have on the water content of surrounding tissues. Geranium oil is reputed to be effective for treating sagging skin, and evening primrose oil is known to be particularly nourishing for the skin. Many of the other ingredients are believed to be equally beneficial for the skin, but the ratios involved here are not provided, so it is not possible to predict how well the combination is likely to perform.

Greek Island Labs financed a study at AMA Laboratories in New York. The researchers applied the serum to the test subjects, as per the instructions, and recorded a 2″ reduction in waist/belly circumference.

What Customers Say about Adonia Tummy Tone Serum

The Adonia Organics website contains a number of four and five star reviews, but customer comments left on other sites suggest the process may not work for everyone.

A few customer comments read:

“It just didn’t work. Very disappointed.”
“This is more like a cheat than a way of losing weight, but it works. I wrapped myself up for 50 minutes (applied the lotion first of course) and when I peeled off the plastic my tummy looked soooo much better (less sagging) and when I measured myself I’d lost just over 2″ from around my waist.” 
“This is one of the strangest treatments I have ever tried, but it made my waist look smaller and less saggy, so I guess it works.” 
“I wanted to believe so I gave it a go. I rubbed in the lotion, I pulled the wrap tight, donned a blanket and waited an hour. My stomach maybe looked a little less wrinkly, but my waist size stayed the same.

Side Effects & Other issues

Adonia Organics does not use animal testing.

No side effects have been reported.

Purchasing Adonia Tummy Tone Serum

Adonia Tummy Tone Serum costs £49 from the Adonia Organics website and customers who sign-up for automated billing and shipping (every 30, 60, or 90 days) are rewarded with a 20% discount. The company also offers a buy two get one free deal and all purchases are protected by a 60 day money back guarantee – this will probably need as we are not impressed.

Bottom Line

Look elsewhere.

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